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OmniDict is your no.1 resource for English language reading material, and is updated on a weekly basis. Each week we provide new material, some of which will be of interest to people learning English, and some of which will be aimed at native English speakers. We are a kind of online 'Readers' Digest', and provide articles which we hope you will find of interest.

This week's articles...

Some of these pieces were privately printed at the Chiswick Press in 1902. Others have appeared in the "New Statesman" and "The New Republic," and are here reprinted with the Editors' permission.

The Afternoon Post
The Busy Bees
The Wheat
My Speech
The Stars
Silvia Doria
Bligh House
In Church
The Sound of a Voice
What Happens
A Precaution
The Great Work
My Mission
The Birds
High Life
Empty Shells
A Fancy
In the Pulpit
Human Ends
Lord Arden
The Starry Heaven
My Map
The Snob

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